Nude in San Francisco: blond exhibitionist Janis walks naked in Clement Street

Nude in San Francisco

Nude in San Francisco presents Janis in Clement Street, it’s her third naked walk: Janis gets naked for some shopping on Clement Street. She is fearless, plowing right through the throngs of shocked Chinese people. One of them calls the cops, who show up shortly. This walk was the only time in the history of spreading joy in San Francisco that the cops were assholes. They retained Janis for a long time, and one of the assholes kept threatening her with all the bad legal things that were going to happen. They were really assholes (have we said that yet)? They even confiscated our camera! These cops who patrol Clement were a real disgrace to the SFPD. Of course, Janis wasn’t doing anything wrong, so eventually they let us go, but it was not a pleasant experience. Assholes!

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