Crazy College GFs: Lauren public sex

Crazy College GFs

Crazy College GFs presents Fountain Fun with Lauren aka Brooke Summers: while Brooke and her boyfriend were on vacation in Miami, they they took a walk to a park by the bay with really nice fountains. There we first saw Brooke Summers. The sexy blonde was wearing gym clothes that were super tight and tiny. Her shorts barely covered her big juicy ass. That booty was a thing of pure beauty. With gorgeous views of the water, they decided to hop a fence to go to a more quiet and intimate spot by the sea. The couple was totally alone and decided why not have a little fun and get naughty in a public place on camera? Brooke pulled out her sweet tits, and her man gave those nips a sucking. From there things took off, as Brooke Summers began jerking his dick and even started sucking his cock. But while she was giving head, some fisherman had drifted into the area and caught them in the act. After that, the couple booked it to a nearby area that was under construction. It was a park that was closed off, and they were all alone again. Of course, the temptation was too great. So when her BF suggested they have sex in public, Brooke went for it. Her BF pounded that HOT pussy from the back and gave us a perfect view of that booty in action, as it bounced and rebounded from the stroking. They both came at the same time, only Brooke Summers’ BF blew his load all over that big round ass and left it completely smothered in jizz.

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